1.3M state workers to get pay hikes?

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo discusses possibilities of expanding the City Hall complex with some Councilors Manuel Sagarbarria, Manuel Arbon and Lilani Ramon after the presentation of architecture perspectives by students from Foundation University as supervised by Architect Rene Armogenia of the South Seas fame.

Despite failing to pass the annual budget for 2019 due to differences in Congress, yet government officials and employees will receive another round of wage increases to be charged against any available appropriations under the 2018 annual budget.

In short nothing is still certain. Everything is subject to availability of funds. This is an old “gimmick” of false hopes of wage increase.

President Rodrigo Duterte has issued Executive Order No. 76 that provides the 4th tranche of salary increase to the 1.3 million civilian and military uniformed personnel in the government despite the non-approval of the 2019 annual budget.

Currently, both the Senate and the House of Representatives are trying to reconcile several provisions of the 2019 annual budget thus while pending the national government has been operating under the re-enacted budget of fiscal year 2018. Government employees are expected to receive differentials from January 1, 2019.

The purpose of the 2016 Salary Standardization Law is to raise the wages of government workers, in four tranches, to be competitive with those from the private sector thus retaining the most competent in the service.

By January 2019, the lowest paid government employee will receive P 11, 068 from P 9, 000 in 2016.

Meanwhile, the hazard pay of all military and uniformed personnel shall increase from P 240 to P 840 monthly. Duterte has increased the salaries of the police and military substantially shortly after his assumption to the presidency.