1. EASILY TOPPING THE STORIES THIS YEAR IN OUR PROVINCE is the UN-ABATED KILLINGS IN GUIHULNGAN CITY, which indicates a show of force between police and the communist rebels, with civilians as collateral damages. The body count keeps rising unless the government finds a way of stopping the insurgency and or drug- related killings. The police has not yet released a total body count of those killed since July last year when six policemen including the chief of police were ambushed by insurgents. Just last Thursday the police launched operation SEMPO details of
  2. SHABU CATCH NOW BY THE MILLIONS OF PESOS: Shabu is no longer circulated by hundred of thousands but by millions of pesos worth of illegal drugs  based on recent police apprehensions. The biggest haul came in San Carlos city worth P72Million in shabu last August; jail raid also netted P1.4M  in shabu last June ; Buglasan pre-festival netted P1.77M;  intercepted in Sept was Pl.l8M worth of shabu. Prosecutors have an uphill legal battle with those who can afford to hire high calibre lawyers that win some of  the accused their  freedom in many occasions. Many are also caught as recidivists.
  3. DAWN FIRE IN JUNE IN DOWNTOWN was aborted because of high fire walls among commercial buildings in the heart of the City. But two were gutted namely the second Times Mercantile and Palmer RTW Collections. Damage to property was merely pegged at P10Million which indicates a good abortive job by city firemen who prevented the blaze from spreading.
  4. POLITICAL COALITION IS THE NAME OF THE GAME this coming elections. Partymen say the times are uncertain and nobody is sure of the stability of political parties. That is why the candidates agreed to just form a major collation but at the same time, allow independents to run by themselves. Less vote buying is seen but beware of the proverbial “Trojan Horse” which could come with a huge surprise election funding that might upset the expected results…
  5. VP LENI ROBREDO VS. BONGBONG MARCOS vice presidency recount might be decided with the results in Negros Oriental, Camarines Sur and Iloilo, because VP Leni’s difference over Bongbong Marcos is only a little over 200,000 votes. Significantly VP Leni got 255,000 votes in Negros Oriental while Bong2 Marcos got only 66,000 votes. The figures indicate   the logic of the figures in the  pending  filed protest.
  6. MURDERED BROADCASTER EDMUND SESTOSO’s case has been alarmingly dismissed by four prosecutors no less because of alleged inconsistency of the accounts of supposed witnesses. No appeal of record has been reportedly filed. Malacanang who sent Sec Bong Go no less and Sec Martin Andanar and the head of the slain-media task force   on Media Secureity led by  Joel Syegco  ordered the review investigation and  said it will continue to follow up the case.  Until now the Sestoso murder is still pending with no suspect arrested. Sestoso was gunned down in broad daylight in Labor Day May 1 after his radio program DYGB
  7. ONE BILLION PESOS IN VAIROUS TAXES especially on business sales and investments, hit the record mark for the first time in Dumaguete’s History. This indicates the improved and heightened trust and confidence of the people on the City Administration saying that they can see and feel where the taxes paid by the people went in various landmark projects. This is aside from the regular taxes. If the trend continues, Dumaguete city can easily realize its ambitious master plan for a future mega city.
  8. CITY EARNED A LOT OF TITLES AND ACOLADES THIS YEAR the latest of which is the “Sports and Tourism Destination Award of the Year” which boosts tourism inbounds for the next five years. This year Dumaguete hosted several national sports events like the Little League Baseball, the international Beach Volleyball fest; the Unigames now on its 3rdyear; the CVIRAA; PBA games and many others which has placed Dumaguete high  in the  map of tourism. New direct flights have been opened to and from  Davao and Cagayan de Oro mega cities and soon a direct flight from Dumaguete to Clark international airport with connecting flights to south east Asia and the U.S.
  9. RUSSIAN SUPERPOWER CHIEF AMBASSASDOR IVAN KHOVAEV is the first superpower envoy to visit Dumaguete . ON KHOVAEV’s second visit to Dumaguete in one year, he is establishing a tourism foothold here and will soon open a sister city somewhere in Moscow with similar features of Dumaguete. Soon a Dumaguete delegation of business and media team will fly to Moscow upon the invitation of Ambassador Khovaev. He also showed top rated Russian Films in Dumaguete. Khovaev stands as the only superpower ambassasdor who has taken time to visit Dumaguete. He represents Russian President Valdemier Putin. He was accompanied by his second secretary of the Russian embassy Dennis Karenin.
  10. DUMAGUETE GOES BROADWAY WITH SONG OF SOLOMON’s premier showing last November first time ever with its composer Andrew Beall and lyricist Neil Van Leeuwen.  From the original script in New YORK, musicale “Song of Solomon” was shown on stage for the first time, in this far away place  called Dumaguete at the Luce Auditorium of Silliman University . Thanks to the Dumaguete Theater Company headed by Atty Didil Montebon and Broadway choreographer Miguel “Mike” Braganza who made the historic showing in Dumaguete possible. Next it will be shown at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, and then, on to New York Broadway with the same cast.