2 dead, 1 injured in Valle shooting

Three persons on board two motorcycles were ambushed at dawn by unidentified men in Barangay Tabon Vallehermoso.

Police identified two of the victims who died on the spot as Isidro Rabaca Calago and his cousin Perces Rabaca Malabago while his son Jimcel Estender Malabago is in a critical condition at a hospital in Dumaguete City.

The victims, all residents of Barangay Tinayunan, Guihulngan City were on their way home from the cockpit in Vallehermoso at the conclusion of the derby.

However, the victims were shot upon repeatedly by the suspects who fled to Guihulngan City after the attack. Authorities recovered 12 empty shells from a .45 caliber in the crime scene.

Polcie Master Sergeant Micheal Vincent Peral of the Vallehermoso PNP surmised that robbery could not be the motive of the attack considering that the cash won by the victims during the derby was intact.

The Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office continue to await for further information and progress report from the town police station that will aid in the identification and arrest of the suspects.