200 barrio elders in Davao look-see

PUERSA NG BAYANING ATLETA Party List Representative Jericho Jonas B. Nograles last weekend, hosted Mayor Felipe Remollo who led 200 city officials of Dumaguete, who visited Davao city during the mammoth gathering at the Club Samal starting Wednesday, as he underscored his commitment to promote the welfare and develop a new brand of national and local athletes who are set to excel in the international competitions.

Nearly 200 officials from the 30 component barangays of the city went for a week-long sojourn to Davao City, known as one of the largest cities in the world but among the most peaceful, to learn its best practices that can be emulated in their own localities.

The Department of Interior and Local Government approved the trip with it focusing on bench-marking activities of replicable practices in maintaining peace and order and integrated emergency responses system.

It should be noted that aside from being the home city of President Rodrigo Duterte, Davao City is noted for being the first in the country to utilize 911 in the year 2002 as its emergency number of choice patterned after the United States of America. Its Central Communications and Emergency Response Center serves as a call and dispatch center which is credited for prompt response and excellent coordination among emergency services during fires, accidents, calamities, medical situations and possible bomb threats.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo later joined the delegation of Barangay Captains, Kagawads, Secretaries, Treasurers, SangguniangKabataan Chairpersons and key officials of the City Government to meet with their counterparts in Davao City.

Remollo stressed that experiential learning such as bench-marking and lakbay-aral are very effective considering that the officials will have first-hand experience, feedback and access to implementors of replicable practices and systems in Davao City.

As a growing city with a large transient population, Dumaguete City is faced with the challenge of welcoming every citizen not only from around the country while ensuring law and order. The influx of transients in the city for job opportunities and educational purposes also serves as a challenge for the local authorities with its modest resources.

Davao City has a population of 1.7 million residing in 182 barangays while Dumaguete City has 140, 000 night time population and a day time population of 400, 000 in the 30 barangays.

President Duterte first landed in the national consciousness as a pragmatic and no-nonsense mayor of Davao City.  He was able to suppress lawlessness in the 80’s and 90’s neutralizing large syndicates and rebel groups. This paved the way for its unprecedented economic growth attracting billionaires to invest in various industries.

With more revenues, estimated to be at around P 7 billion, Davao City was able to provide more generous basic social services including keeping their communities safe from all forms of criminalities and resilient to disasters.

Specifically, the barangay officials from the Dumaguete City will undergo lectures and conduct on-site visits of its Central Communications and Emergency Response Center and its command center for the 300 CCTVs installed in key areas of the city.

Mayor Remollo has said that by middle of this year, the city’s own CCTV system with more than 330 modern cameras in place will begin to operate similar to Davao City thus making this even more relevant.