A time of conflict

From the year 1925, the two volumes of Fr. Licinio Ruiz lived up to its promise for much material for historians of church and even politics in Negros as elsewhere in the country.

Let those who wish to continue to pursue studies on our local history take cognizance of his original contributions. His works have a digital copy that is readily available in the information highway.

As a missionary in Negros Oriental, he wrote several articles narrating his very challenging missionary work marked by great religious tension and conflict, like the burning of the churches in Amlan, Valencia and Bais.

Nuevo Heraldo, a newspaper based in Iloilo, published some of those articles. We will reproduce them in the future for history buffs of the first two decades of the 1900s.

Here’s a narrative account of the return of the Spanish Recollect missionaries to the town of Siaton. Written in Siaton and dated 22nd of June 1907, it was penned by Fr. Licinio Ruiz and recorded in Papeles remitidos… t. I, fol. 157-160 as preserved in the Archives in Marcilla, Spain. (More next week)