Akyat-bahay robs rampant in Daro

The spate of thieveries in Dumaguete City has reached the attention of higher echelons of the police in Camp Crame, following a report of a concerned citizen that one apartment was robbed at least three times, and the response of the police is that they already have a “person of interest” and nothing more.

The concerned citizen who opted to keep his identity confidential said she was told by the personnel division, Camp Crame is demanding an explanation from the chief of police Lt. Col. Gregorio Galsim and the barangay concerned why an apartment is robbed three times and no suspect is arrested in a small barangay like Daro.

Are there law enforcers who are in cahoots with the robbers, asked the taxpayer who reported the matter to Camp Crame national headquarters.

The latest to be victimized by an akyatbahay gang on May 30, 2019 Thursday is the Jocson Apartment situated at St. Michael Street of Ma. Asuncion Village, Daro where couples Mikel and Nadia Teves were victimized. Carted away by suspects included a P30,000 worth of gold necklace, two IPhone 6 cellphones and cash money.

As a student of law, Daro village chief Jovencio Tan Jr., said all evidences on the recent robbery are circumstantial, they need concrete evidence beyond reasonable doubt in order to indict the suspects. The police has to probe and find evidence in order to file a case against those “persons in interest.”

Lt Col Galsim denied accusations of inaction on that particular incident, in saying the theft and robbery section immediately proceeded to the area, conducted follow up investigation with fingerprints being lifted from the crime scenes by SOCO. Aside from the investigation, it is intensifying a patrol system in coordination with barangay officials.

He stressed, peace and order concerns is not the responsibility of the police alone, it needs the cooperation of the community. In fact, records will show, a number of thieveries in Dumaguete were solved but victims would refuse to pursue cases against them, as soon as stolen items are recovered.

For their part, the barangay council of Daro headed by village chief Jovencio Tan Jr. admitted incidents of theft in his barangay have reached an alarming proportion, second to Barangay Taclobo.

Tan scheduled a conference with victims today, Monday, June 3, 2019 to address the peace and order concern. Present were victims’ parents who initimated their desire to cooperate in order to identify the suspects, whom they believe is just lurking in the dark waiting for their next victim.

The village chief has planned of establishing additional tanod outpost within the subdivision area and to call for another conference with the homeowners association to discuss the possibility of contributing certain amount to fund the hiring of a blue guard or serenos for the subdivision.

Tan explained duty hours of the tanods are limited because many of them are working during the day. He also has plans of increasing the honoraria of the tanods.

Former city councillor Antonio “Tony Rems” Remollo, who happens to be the uncle of the victims, had refused to believe insinuations, thieveries in a certain locality proliferate because the police is part of the sharing scheme.

But he does not buy the standard response, “persons of interest” are being investigated, unless they are arrested and charged in court.