Amazing new inventions of 2018


WE ARE IN THE MIDST OF the so-called 4th Industrial Revolution and every year we see the birth of new inventions that can make man’s life better.

We picked up a few of the 50 new inventions marked by Times Magazine for the year 2018 for our readers to savor how much invention can alter even our average daily grind. Let’s name some of them.

A German-based Robotic arm called Panda can be programmed in business to help conduct science experiments, erect circuit boards and test equipment. At home, potentially, the Panda can help slice food in the kitchen and help the elderly move with their ‘tedious” daily tasks.

No more wandering and losing kids and pets in malls and within 3 miles radius. The new Compass called LynQs Works like a GPS with radio frequency. A ‘safe zone” can be created where a warning will be issued when a child wanders off a certain parameter area. It does not require a cell signal or a subscription.The compass Will tell the parent where and when the Child was there.

Gillete Treo, on the other hand, is a smart shaving gadget that does away with the  shaving cream and cleaning of blades. Its flexible blade prevents hair clogging and a paint brush gadget emits gel that substitutes for the shaving cream.

Reebok has designed a Smarter sports bra called Puremove. In vigorous movements, a gel- like stuff is emitted that allows the garment to constrict and give more support; in  the user’s relaxed state , the fabric just stretches back by itself.

Habitware created  Wise Bracelets   that users can program them to monitor one’s  repetitive motions , such as hair pulling, skin picking or nail biting. Once noted, the gadget emits a warning signal to stop the user from continuing the bad habit that’s hard to break.

A Japanese retailer produced ZOZOSUIT,  a tight fitting garment equipped with several dots that makes specific measures in virtually all parts of the body. It is an improvement of buying off the rack where a medium sized garment may not consider one’s idiosyncratic size and shape of other smaller specific parts of the body. This  will solve that-and make the garment to become a  “perfect fit”.

Meanwhile, it is said that the shoe industry leaves behind a big “carbon footprint”- in terms of plastic soles, shoelace tips and logos.Sweetfoam , on the other hand is made from discarded parts of sugarcane and converted into an environmentally-friendly material for footwear. Flipflops have been made and shoes are next in line.

Nighttime exercise freaks can now glow in the dark with the Solar-Charged Jacket From Vollebak. It absorbs any light during daytime and releases the green like energy glow in the evening-making hikers and runner more visible in the dark streets and parks.

Light adjustable contact Lenses  By Johnson and Johnson Vision makes sunglasses unnecessary for contact lenses wearers. Filters sense the amount of light entering the eye and accordingly adjusts the amount of light to enter and leave through the contact lens. Wow.

Robotic vacuums  Have long been in vogue to do the cleaning chores at home while the parents are out on their jobs. At the end of the day, the owners will still have to empty the dust and garbage absorbed into a can. The new version Roomba empties all the dust into a disposable bag attached- good enough to hold trash for one month.

E-T truck  Used to be a guz-guzzling, smoke emitting truck among the 3 million semi-trucks used in America.  Now it has been converted into an electric semi-truck  which can haul up to 80,000 pounds and go for  300 miles on a single electric battery charge.No more gargantuan carbon dioxide emission from these street monsters.

Meantime, we know that some buildings and houses can have different “signals” for their wifi at any given time. Netgear’s Orbi ,using “mesh” technology ensures quality  coverage throughout a home or building. The smart wifi router  Can also be used to play music and control other compatible devices through voice command.

From the bulky and hard-to -manage wheelchairs, the company Whill has reduced the engineering size of the wheelchair- and Model Ci wheelchair can ride up to 10 miles indoors or outdoors, climb obstacles  up to two inches in height and navigate cramped quarters. Helpful for invalids and those with disabilities in motion.

Of course, we had written extensively here in the past about the many new uses of drones.

Zipline Drones Have been able to deliver blood plasma and medicine to remote areas in Africa (Rwanda). Drones now deliver light food and other retail material orders to one’s doorstep. And drones can now carry light bombs and hit specific human and material targets.

Drones are now used for personal and commercial picture-taking and film making at optimum cost.  Their role in intelligence gathering has been so pervasive that governments are funding research by the billions to neutralize drones.

And the last but not the least can make Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man blush. His suit is already red,though. Gravity Industries of London has invited the ultimate 1,050 Horsepower Iron Man Suit that can make a skilled man literally fly above ground. The suit is powered by five mini jet-engines- two in each hand and one in the backpack area.

Man, it can travel up to 50 m.p.h. With the traffic in Manila, one would like to own such suit and beat the slow buses and cars above the din of a metropolis mess and reach one’s destination faster.

The problem is at this point it is too expensive- priced by Gravity Industries at close to P25 Million per suit and emits too loud a noise.  Over time , efficiencies will be discovered and like the drones will eventually become affordable to many individuals.

No folks, this is not a science fiction dream. They are being marketed  to consumers and corporations as with we write- and with the footnote that with the leaps and bounds in this 4th Industrial Revolution- the best is yet to come.

What a high tech world we have become. What’s next Stark Industries?

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