Anti-drug drive at Children’s congress

Kids: report the bullies says mayor. CHILDREN HAVE RIGHTS, and NEED PROTECTION against bullying , under the law as espoused by lawyer-mayor Ipe Remollo speaking before children and parents in various barangays, in celebration of Children’s Rights Month. Children have to be protected against bullying, abuse and exploitation.

Dumaguete City Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo enjoins the youth and the children of Bajumpandan not to destroy their future by indulging in illegal drugs.

The mayor addressed 500 children along with their parents headed by Village Chief Crispin Patrimonio during the Children’s Congress and Fun Day of Bajumpandan on Saturday, December 1, where he announced the forthcoming children’s day and share a meal for selected children from the 30 barangays of the city.

“Dinhi sa Dumaguete, gusto ko nga modagko mo nga mahimong sulondon nga mga bata, mga ulitawo. Dili mo mag-droga, dili mag-standby,” Remollo said.

He called on them to stay in school and finish their studies because the present administration is bringing investors to open up a whole host of job opportunities for them in the future.

The mayor also announced plans of Camella homes to construct a mall in the barangay in the near future so they don’t have to go all the way to Dumaguete to shop.

Anothert plan of the city is the establishment of a mini-hospital on a government lot in barangay Talay.  It will be a two-storey building which will be located beside a fire department and the police headquarters in the area.

Other plans include establishment of the government center and a coliseum where sporting activities can be held, hopefully in Bajumpandan, Remollo said.