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Arresting Imelda

Photo by Brian P. Biller


It is not a question of arresting Mrs Imelda Marcos, or not. Nor do Filipinos have or not have sympathy over this 98 year old widowconvict who made a difference for her country in good times and bad.

The answer is YES, Imelda has to be arrested not only for justice sake and accountability sake, but no denying many but not all Filipinos are oozing to see her jailed with blood in their hands.

Remember that No judge in this world will admit that any of them can be compromised. But certainly, legality is a matter of perception and evidence. It can be countlessly maneuvered in many different ways. Here is where acquittal can be possible. And many say Imelda can be acquitted— why not.

Arroyo was acquitted and nobody questioned it. Estrada was pardoned and nobody questioned it. That Imelda’s lawyers can get her an acquittal is always a possibility.


But let us remember that we are also a sympathetic nation ready to forgive and forget —so long as the guilty admits guilt,makes a public apology, and pays a just compensation.

President Duterte can easily maneuver that Mrs Marcos do just that in order to appease and angry nation , and for being held accountable for $30-billiion US during their infamous reign, not to mention the thousands executed and disappeared. Some justice has to be done to appease an angry people, and to their satisfaction.

Others propose that Marcos may admit guilt, apologize before the nation, and pay just compensation Im sure their family can well afford it.

Or, they can offer to finish rebuilding the unfinished houses in TAcloban for Yolanda victims after all TAcloban is the hometown of Imelda Marcos.

But certainly with her vast holdings, she can also very well afford to exhaust her options to hire enough high caliber lawyers and defend her case to get an acquittal before the supreme court, as she has done in many of her past cases.

Well, whichever way it is, justice must be done in fairness to history…..even as it is always the one who can maneuver with the law better who will gain victory in the end.