Becoming a better you


Are we all that we can be or can we still become better versions of ourselves? 

We all know the answer:  yes, we can always improve.  Life is a continuous learning experience and the moment we realize this, we no longer worry over the mistakes we’ve made.  We know that we become better, wiser and tougher for having learned from them.

Loving ourselves comes first.  When we love and understand ourselves with our strengths and weaknesses, we will no longer be so hard on ourselves but be more accepting and forgiving. We try to forget the hurts and sorrows of the past and learn to move on. Carrying around sad memories of the past will just make us unhappy.   

As we go through life, we become wiser and see things in a more mature light.  We shed the vanities and superficiality of life and focus on the most essential things which is being grateful for life, for the gift of a loving family, true friends and for God’s blessings.

We can also try to eat a healthier diet with less salt, sugar and saturated fat and add more vegetables and fruits. A healthy diet will help us skip through the door rather than drag ourselves to work each day.  Exercise will not only help us lose weight but give us more energy and stamina for the day.   

We can also learn a new skill such as pottery-making, gardening or interior decorating.  These can make our environment more pleasing to the eye as we look at the work of our hands.

We can read a new book each week or read at least four books a month, a very doable thing.  While waiting for the doctor or if we have some free time, we can read books.  These contain gems of wisdom and treasures of knowledge in their pages.  We don’t have to buy them in bookstores.  The library has many books for us to read and learn from.  If we live far from the library, we can also search online for relevant subjects that can enrich and challenge us.

Finally, rather than spend our time playing with video games or watching TV movies, we can learn to meditate on God’s word.  We can thank Him for being with us always and never leaving us through the tears and laughter of life.

Learning never ends.  As long as there is life, we can always strive to be better persons today than we were yesterday.