BETS vow honesty, but leaders absent

The ecumenical prayer and releasing of peace-doves by leaders of various churches, Catholics, Muslims, Christians, PNP, civic society, and military.
The crowed of wannabees this May 13 election, they pledged cooperation for an honest election voting and canvassing.

Covenant signing of all candidates has become a political and ecumenical  religious tradition yet veteran and old leaders were among those conspicuously absent last Monday’s signing, according to their supporters namely Gov Degamo, Mayor Remollo, Reps Limkaichong, Rep Sagarbarria, Rep Teves, Mayor Teves. Why did they skip this noble gathering when their supporters expected them to be there?  But who knows they were just mixed in the crowd.

Some in the crowd said it was because of the coalition which some leaders did not believe in. Some questioned why despite the coalition many of their allies opted to run as independents, which of course is their perfect right. But what a word of honor!