Biggest taxpayers to get recognition

The Philippine Elementary School Principal Association (PESPA) and National Association of Secondary School Principals of the Philippines (NASSPHIL) sending best wishes for the Season with: Julita D. Olasiman, Archites E. Daksla, Edna Y. Bato, Cynthia M. Visperas, Zoe A. Menguito, Nancy N. Faustorilla, Mira Luna O. Rhu, Edilberta A. Calboy, Roberta A. Puntual, Lucadia M. Facturan, Lolita A. Dago-oc, Gemma Cherrypie A. Teves, Claudio A. Sun, Jr., Lilybeth P. Estrosas and Lucianito Caceres.

Starting next year, the City Government will give due public recognition of  the 20 biggest taxpayers in the Dumaguete as if to say that they lead in giving progress to this capital city. Without them, the City can only move at a slow pace.

City earnings thru taxes and revenues are the source of income for the City treasury to fund public works projects. Annual Budgets are routine and  for city operations use. Without the big taxpayers, the city can not venture on NEW innovative projects .

One of the main sources of revenues of the city are those business entities operating within its territorial jurisdiction. This includes malls, banks, restaurants and pubs owned by Manila-based firms but doing business in Dumaguete.

If passed, the city government will conduct annual recognition ceremony for the top twenty individual-owned and corporately-owned business taxpayers as a means to reward and encourage citizens to pay the right amount of business taxes.

Authored by Councilors Estanislao Alviola and Agustin Miguel Perdices, the proposed ordinance will hold an annual awards night and banquet in honor of the top 20 business taxpayers of the city during Charter Day celebrations.

Both legislators assert that it is “fitting to establish a recognition scheme that would delineate the parameters on giving due recognition to those business establishments that paid the highest amount of business taxes to the city.”

Not a single member of the City Council has yet to come out in direct opposition to the proposed ordinance and are presumed to be in support for its approval and implementation.

The awards will be rendered by the City government through the City Mayor based upon the determination of the City Treasurer’s records of actual business tax collection. Thus, the City Treasurer is required to submit a report to the City Mayor containing the names of the taxpayers to be acknowledged and awarded with plaque of recognition not later that the 15th day of November of each year.