Bishop denounces election killings

Diocesan Bishop Julito Buhisan Cortes, Wednesday strongly denounced the latest killing on election season in the person of Board Member Michael Dungog, president of the Councilors League of Negros Oriental and former NBI agency chief of Dumaguete.

He was gunned down by a lone assassin with a single bullet in the cheek,at corner Aldecoa Drive and Route 7 (the Silliman power house crossing.)  Dungong after parking his car at the front of the  ROTC building, walked his way to the Silliman Medical Center where his wife and daughter awaited  him for a medical procedure.

That was when the gunman apparently waited for him in the corner, called his name and pumped the fatal shot.  Gunman got away on board a motorbike in tandem. Witnesses and a CCTV footage are now being evaluated as the massive manhunt continues.


In a strongly worded  statement (see Guest Editorial) Bishop Cortes said “A good man’s death, through violence, is a death too many.

“I pray  therefore, that we, in our province and our cities,  once again say NO to a culture of violence. No to a culture of death.  Instead, let us recommit ourselves to be instruments of PEACE and RECONCILATION, of JUSTICE and GOD’S MERCY.”

Bishop Cortes said that  motives and political affiliations are  far less importance than man’s  duty and respect for life because it is owned by God and only God can take life. Those who live by the barrel of the gun will also perish in a similar manner as the Bible says, using the sword as example.

The Bishop of the Diocese of Dumaguete said:

“Regardless of the motive behind the killing of the Hon. Michael Dungog,  I take this occasion to  appeal to all candidates in the forthcoming elections to denounce all sorts of violence. The threat of death towards one’s opponent should never be an instrument in any political campaign.

Let your political platform be your means of attracting voters – not your guns nor your gold.


In appealing for a conscience vote this election, Bishop Cortes concluded:

“And to our voters, I appeal to you, search your conscience as you think of candidates you shall vote for in the coming elections. Is he or she a person of peace? Is he or she an honest person and who is not linked with corruption? Is he or she a candidate who has the welfare of the people uppermost in his  mind.  Is he or she a person of God who respects the value of life and the dignity of his fellow human being? “


“Kuwaresma Karon. Giluwas Kita ni Kristo diha SA iyang kamatayon SA krus. Buss, AKO manghinaut, NGA kanunay unya kitang lamdagan SA Espíritu Santo SA atong mga lakang Ug MGA desisyon, niining panahon SA kampanya ug SA eleksiyon,” Cortes concluded.