Life goes on, in this once rustic and city of gentle people. After 71 years as a city, times have changed. People, new people, millenials, seniors, and the like, have changed the landscape of Dumaguete.

Once we all knew all the people who rode on the plane with us to Manila and Cebu. Now, we don’t even know a soul. Same with the boat ferry to Cebu and Siquijor: we all knew almost all the passengers on board. Not anymore today. We just look and stare at each other during the entire trip.

We used to know our neighbor next door. Today, even the one over the fence is a complete stranger; we don’t talk to each neighbor anymore as in early sunrise before.

Today life is cheap. Physically, you just have to watch your back because you’ll never know who will snatch your back, grab your cellphone hack your phones or even worse pump a bullet on the guy or gal next door. People now cover their faces on motorcycles like spacemen from Mars.

Still gentle? Yes, says mayor FAR. The inner spirit in us are still gentle. It’s just that mirgration has changed our landscape. Just imagine, Dumaguete has 150,000 people by night and 300,000 by day. It is the influx of students and transients that make the city boom.

Yet, as the years went by, Dumaguete has been adjudged as among the best places to retire in the whole wide world! (What did you say?) Too good to be true but it’s true. Small wonder, foreigners abound and our city is their favorite place. Why? Because of the facility of language , good schools around for their children and food and things are relatively still cheap. Even janitors here speak English. Market vendors’ children study in prestigious universities in town.

Most public officials are graduates of Dumaguete’s prestigious schools and universities. Surely, if it’s not your spouse, your parents, or even your children, they have all been once classmates or schoolmates in either university in this unitown.

So take it easy. We have a God who rules our world. We have a good God who allows the rain and sunshine to hit the good and the bad and even the ugly….If killings and crimes abound, we are sure that it has its purpose and allowance from above, the reasons are too deep to fathom. But surely all things will turn out Good for those who love God.

So let us live in thanksgiving for without our God, things beautiful, good, and bad would not have been possible.

And for those who celebrate and still believe in fiestas, relax and enjoy ….today is BISPERAS the eve of the 71st city fiesta. And as they all say,…. life goes on in this beautiful city of ours called Dumaguete!

(some insist in calling it DumaGetMe where ever that is.)