Bloody mystery


Maybe someone can explain it to me. I do not under stand. It can not be a cultural thing because the Mayor of Bais City created one.

Why are some people in Dumaguete City against having a functional blood donor program?

Failure to have an effective blood donor program has already cost two lives; two unnecessary deaths. And those are just the ones I know about. Lack of an effective blood donor program kills both Filipinos and foreigners. There is even one hospital administrator who was openly disdainful and hostile when civic minded people tried to create such a donor program. He apparently even threatened an employee with disciplinary action or dismissal if she continued to help create one. I do not understand why a man who has the mission to save lives rejects help to accomplish that very mission.

Donating blood is almaost painless and virtually risk free. The current system is haphazard, expensive and unsafe. Without a better system more people may die.

Awhile back I put out a call for blood donations to save a young Filipino boys life. Several foreigners stepped up and gave. When a second donation was needed they immediately stepped up and donated again. I wanted to give them credit in this article but they requested to remain anonymous.

Several groups of foreigners are setting up their own blood donor program, but this should be a city wide program for everyone.

The Mayor of Bais City has a roster of hundreds of volunteer blood donors. When a crisis occurs, the mayor puts out a call and donations pour in. Why do we not have a similar system?

Concerned Citizens of Dumaguete want to know why a grieving mother must go out in the middle of the night and beg, on the street, for volunteer blood donors to save her child’s life? Why must we pay people to donate blood to save a life?

We can do better than that; We are a better city than that.