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Breakthroughs via scientific method


Ever since the beginning of mankind we’ve been trying to figure out how things work. Eventually we created the scientific method, a logical way to develop an idea and come to a conclusion to advance knowledge. And as a result, this helps us with the wellness of  our human body and the Earth our home,  subjects of this column.

At the first part  when utilizing the scientific method you make an observation about anything that you are curious about. And next you need to study or research everything about that, IE do your homework on it! Almost all discoveries are based or built upon other discoveries from the past.

Then you write down your idea or hypothesis as to what you think might be going on or might happen. And then you have to try it out or test it. Part of the scientific method is called the independent variable.  That means you set up an experiment, and everything is the same except for one thing. Such as Mr. Edison changing the gas mixture in the first glass light bulbs, but everything else being the same ——such as the amount of electricity, temperature in the room, type of metal in the filiment, etc.

It’s important to write everything down even if it doesn’t work (or doesn’t work the way you think)  so you have a good record to learn from. You want the records to be clear so that somebody  on the other side of the planet could try it exactly the way you did it.

Then you draw a conclusion based on the summary of what happened. The fact that it failed to achieve the result that you are hoping for still adds to the knowledge of the world…..  like inventor Thomas Edison with his light bulb experiments,  he said he was not failing —— he was learning hundreds of ways that don’t work!

There are still a billion things we haven’t figured out yet.   Some experiments take big equipment, but everybody can do experiments, they don’t have to be complicated. Everyday I use a paperclip and I think “who thought about that, it sure is a clever idea.”

I wonder if there’s a million simple things that could be improved and we still haven’t thought about how to do it better yet.