PHILSOUTH: Bridges the future with solar systems

Foremost construction company, Philsouth, is the first Negros Oriental Developer to provide grid tied (no batteries) “net metered” (Sell energy back to Noreco) Solar System as a standard feature of all new homes in both “Azumi Residences 2” and “Tierra Alta Residential Resort Phase Three”.

“We did our homework and crunched the numbers only to realize that for a modest cost, every home will be energy efficient and produce lower monthly electric bills for decades to come” says Oscar Tijing, Compliance & Sales Head of Philsouth Properties & Development Corporation.

Tijing went on to say that not only does this advancement follow Philsouth’s corporate responsibility trademark, it will also help the environment, as well as the monthly budget of all of our new homeowners, generation after generation.

These net metered systems can produce electricity to 50 years with no moving parts or batteries. Any excess production is exported back to Noreco and purchased by the co-op to be applied to the night time monthly bill. This requires a special net meter to replace traditional digital meters.

“We are inspired by the cooperation and technical support we have received from Noreco, and overjoyed that Governor Degamo has declared March 5 as Renewable Energy Day in Negros Oriental,” Tijing said

Philsouth has partnered with Visayas Solar Services for both installation and a 10yr service warranty. Mr. Tijing concluded by saying “We chose a local solar company with a proven record of customer satisfaction. Our home buyers and their satisfaction are, as always, our primary focus.”