Broadway re-born


It is not in many generations that a world class Broadway musical as in real Broadway of New York that will find it’s premier showing in a far-away place like Dumaguete City.

It only bolsters the too-good-to-be-true fact that our City is not only among the best retirement places for expats in the world, it is also a recognized place of the Arts befitting the premier showing of the epic Broadway Musical called “Song of Solomon.”

Indeed the show fits this city of ecumenical and diverse faith which is home for Christians and Muslims. This is reminiscent of Jerusalem’s location of the Domes of Solomon and Muhammad in the heart of Israel in Jerusalem, now its new capital.

“Created for the real Broadway stage in New York by no less than two New Yorkers Andrew Beall composer and Neil Van Leeuwen, lyricist, “The Song of Solomon” finds its initial and debut presentation in a small theatre called Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium in the heart of Silliman University campus, amid the tropics of tourist-friendly Dumaguete, a city of gentle people with diverse cultures.

Thanks to a Silliman-educated and outstanding alumni awardee Miguel “Mike” Braganza, who landed in various Broadway musical roles in New York for his talents, who convinced composer and lyricist to stage their premier showing of the “Song of Solomon” at the Luce Auditorium.

Show Director Jaime del Mundo, who is a contemporary of the late local/national great Junnix Innocian, one of Silliman’s leading stage actors, commented that the premier showing here of “Song of Solomon” is a perfect decision which he himself justified being a frequent visitor of this City. It was our honor to host Jaime and Mike on Cross Talk radio show over Bai Radio in separate occasions.

Show director Jaime Del Mundo said The Song of Solomon is “a challenge because it’s sung-through. It’s like Les Miserables or Miss Saigon. This is 99 percent sung.”

After The Song of Solomon completes its Dumaguete run, it will be performed on April 27-28 next year at the Cultural Center of the Philippines in Pasay City, as part of the CCP’s 50th anniversary.

Composer Beall said that after the CCP performances, he’s aiming for Broadway.

“Song of Solomon” an hour or so longer than usual, is one show that every Art and Theater-loving Dumagueteno should watch and be part of . It ran from Nov.15 to 18 ending today Sunday.

And to say the least, may this be a signal of the revival of the theatre-mania which Dumaguetenos used to be “addicted” even in locally produced stage shows in the years past.