Cast all your worries on Me, for I really care about you


I have not yet met a person on this earth who has not had an anxious thought at some point or another. I think that most of us have lots of anxious thoughts to deal with. Why do we worry? Probably because we think that we will somehow change the outcome into something better by obsessing over it.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:25-34 that if our Heavenly Father looks after the birds and the grass of the field, He will look after us… so take a deep breath and relax. God is looking after you.

In today’s promise, the Apostle Peter encourages us to cast every care that we have upon God because He really cares for us. The Greek word for casting literally means to throw upon. God wants you to throw each one of your cares on Him so that you do not have to carry them any longer.

When I think of this promise, the image that comes to mind, is a backpack full of rocks that we are carrying. Every time we take a rock out of our backpack and throw it away, our load gets lighter. I think Papa God wants us to do the same thing with every care that we have. When we throw our cares on Him, we are committing the responsibility and concern for each worry into His loving hands.

Since He is much much bigger and stronger than us, He can carry our burdens much better than we can. So cast every care that you have in your own backpack onto God because He loves you and wants to carry every one of your burdens.