CCTV owners must share crime footages

The city government is serious in passing legislation that will require establishments to provide footages of their CCTVs of crimes committed within their jurisdictions.

The proposed legislation will hold CCTV owners partly liable if they fail to provide investigators of crime footages in their vicinities for fear of being “involved and implicated.”

Failure to submit crime footages might endanger the renewal of their licenses and permits next year.

This is expected to complement the priority project of the City Government for the installation of 330 modern CCTV cameras by PLDT in public intersections and facilities that will be operational phase by phase starting February 2019.

A proposed ordinance, authored by Councilors Alan Gel Cordova and Jose Victor Imbo will mandate the management of business establishments to provide recording of the CCTVs in the in the investigation of the crimes ten days after receipt of the written request of the Chief-of-Police otherwise the mayor’s permit will be suspended, revoked or cancelled.

Aside from granting access to the Chief-of-Police or his authorized representative, the concerned establishment shall likewise preserve and produce CCTV footages or recordings upon the subpoena or order of competent authorities consistent with relevant laws.

Nevertheless, the proposed ordinance is explicit in its provision that CCTV recordings must be preserved for at least one month unless ordered to be preserved longer by competent authority.

Cordova and Imbo stressed that the CCTV recordings cannot be used in violation of the right to privacy or persons and other laws and that footages will be used exclusively for investigation and prosecution purposes.

The proposed ordinance now makes it a requirement for the approval and renewal of mayor’s permit for all business establishments to install and maintain CCTVs within and outside their premises covering the entrances and exits, centers of the business activities, frontage, parking lots, drive through lanes and streets abutting the establishments.

Failure to install or maintain a compliant CCTV system will merit a fine at the first instance and additional fines and subsequent revocation of the mayor’s permit for continued non-compliance.

For the CCTV system to be compliant, the business establishments must utilize cameras with a minimum of 600 TVL resolution; capable of capturing video footages at 0.1 Lux illumination; auto-iris (either fixed or vari-focal); infrared LED’s enough to reach a distance of at least 20 meters; at least 70 degrees lens angle, outdoor cameras must be vandal-proof; video recorder must have 4 camera input, 30 frames per second recording per camera, minimum of 640×480 video resolution; should have hard disk drive enough to store video recording for at least 1 month, must have stamp time feature and must have interface for storage back-up and must have uninterrupted and central power supply.