City infras go on despite elections

Despite the election ban on infrastructure works,  since these are all on-going projects,  about P 216 million worth of infrastructure projects in all 30 barangays of the city currently being implemented by the administration of Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo will be exempted from the election ban to ensure that the completion of these vital edifices and facilities will not be delayed and hampered.

Some impartial quarters believe this is a circumvention of the law which precisely suspends all public works in order to give all sides a fair chance to choose their candidates without being ingratiated by some odd or skilled jobs in the streets.

There are nearly 600 laborers, carpenters and other skilled workers assigned in these projects who will also be exempted from the ban on public works. With at least five family members plus their  extended families, thousands will feel ingratiated for income from public works during elections.


Among the major projects currently undertaken are: the construction of the P 24.7 million bridge at the back of Foundation University; rehabilitation of damaged boulder dike along Ocoy River in Barangay Camanjac worth P 5 million; construction of four shower rooms and 4 comfort room in 19 public elementary and high school at P 6.7 million; improvement of the Quezon Park Ballfield at P5.7 million; rehabilitation of boulder dike along Banica River, P 14.5 million; rehabilitation of flood and erosion control structures along Banica and Ocoy Rivers, P 10.4 million and the construction rehabilitation of shoreline protection Phase 2 at P 12 million.

In line with the closure plan of the city dumpsite in Candau-ay, civil works are ongoing for the construction of guard house, installation of perimeter lighting at dumpsite and installation of gas ventilation.

Meanwhile, civil works have commenced in the proposed Eco-Park and Solid Waste Processing Facility also in Candau-ay that include site clearing and grubbing, construction of a Material Recovery Facility and fencing of the proposed site where the sanitary landfill will eventually be established.

Despite the upcoming elections, the city administration is loath to slow down in its infrastructure projects such as the construction of drainage canals, evacuation centers, multi-purpose building, street lighting, asphalting of roads, rehabilitation of boulder dikes, road concreting, shoreline protection, bridges, health centers and other facilities that directly impact the residents and guests.