City to ban sale of sex toys to minors

Local legislators are deliberating the proposed ordinance authored by Councilor Karissa Tolentino-Maxino regulating the sale of sex toys within Dumaguete City.

The lady councilor expressed concern of the open display and sale of sex toys in stores and malls in full view of children and the youth.

She stressed that it is vital for the government to “protect the innocence of the youth and safeguard their welfare at all times.”

Under the proposed measure the selling of sex toys such as dildo, vibrator, fleshlight, butt plugs, toys resembling human genitals primarily used for sexual stimulation to minors shall be prohibited. Display of said items in store windows and shelves are also banned.

Violators will be fined P 1, 000 to P 5, 000 or imprisonment of up to two months but not exceeding one year or both. Business permits of the store or establishments will also be revoked.

Once the ordinance is passed, massive information campaign will be conducted by relevant agencies, including posting of copies of said measure in every barangays, police stations, courts and other government offices.