City to barangays: segregate wastes

All residents and business owners are enjoined to segregate their solid wastes in order to reduce the volume of garbage generated, avoid the spread of dengue and other pests while maintaining the cleanliness and health of the residents.

The City Environment and Natural Resources Office will partner with the barangay officials in the consistent and comprehensive implementation of waste segregation at source.

Residents and business owners are supposed to segregate the wastes in the following: Malata (Biodegradable) will be buried in a compost pit at source; non Biodegradable (dili malata) for recycling and reselling at MRF and residuals (non recyclable) will be disposed in the sanitary landfill.

The 30 barangays are mandated to implement source segregation, segregated collection and segregated destination of waste including the establishment of Materials Recovery Facility.

The city government is responsible in collecting the residual wastes. Garbage bags without stickers may no longer be collected.

The city government is committed in responsibly closing the Candau-ay Dumpsite based on the approved Safe Closure and Rehabilitation Plan approved by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

In a meeting Tuesday night, the city and barangay officials reiterate their support to the efforts of Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo to close the dumpsite, finish the construction of the Central Materials Recovery Facility and establish a sanitary landfill.

Mayor Remollo said that all garbage brought to the central MRF, which is now 35% complete, will be further segregated: biodegradable can be converted into organic fertilizer; recyclables will be sold or re-used; plastic wastes will be turned into chairs for public schools and the residuals (dili mapuslan) will be buried at the sanitary landfill.

At the same time the assembled officials also express their sympathy to the employees of the Environment and Natural Resources who were recently arrested without warrant by the agents from NBI Manila.

Vice-Mayor Alan Gel Cordova, City Councilors Lilani Ramon, Michael Bandal, Joe Kenneth Arbas and Agustin Miguel Perdices lamented the use of force and even long firearms by the NBI team against the defenseless employees.

The Punong Barangays also got an update of the ongoing construction of the Central MRF and eventually the sanitary landfill in the newly purchased 8-hectare lot from the department heads present.