City’s lady archers dominate CVRAA

LADY ARCHERS CONTINUE CITY’S WINNING TRADITION—inspired by the excellence and examples of their older “sisters,” these four younger lady archers persevere to retain the reputation of the city as a haven of world class athletes particularly in archery. Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo congratulates (left-right) Crisha Mae Merto, Phoebe Nicole Amistoso, Gabrielle Monica Bidaure and Ferimi Bajado as well as all the other athletes for their industry and successes in underscoring the obvious that Dumaguete City is a force to reckon with in sports. Merto grabbed 1 silver and 2 bronze medals; Amistoso bagged 2 gold and 2 silver medals; Bidare captured a silver and Bajado earned 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medals in different categories. (Photo by German Rhon Dibdib)

The City of Gentle People is CVIRAA’s gracious host. People show hospitality like no other. But when it comes to archery, they just don’t share the spotlight.

The host delegation’s bow-and-arrow stars wasted no time in asserting their dominance as all four girls bagged the gold, silver and bronze medals in varied events.

Phoebe Nicole Amistoso hardly cracked a sweat in her gold-securing 339 total points in the 50-meter clash. The reigning Palarong Pambansa multi-gold medalist also pocketed gold in the 30M, silver in the 40M and another silver in the 60M event.

Ferimi Bajado ran away with a gold medal in the 60-meter tilt while her 326 points won for her a bronze medal in 50M and another silver in 30M. The Silliman University lady hawkeye revealed her secrets to winning. “It’s constant correct practice, gratitude to coaches, self-confidence and faith in God,” quipped the high-spirited archer.

Crisha Mae Merto had an equally stellar outing on Wednesday’s tourney. The Holy Cross High School sharpshooter took home a bronze medal in 30M, silver in 50M and bronze in 60M.

Gabrielle Bidaure completed the cast of Dumaguete’s bemedalled squad in Archery Secondary Girls. The soaring Duscian sniper also racked up silver in 40M, 4th place in both 30M and 50M.

“It feels good to be with my team. We trust each other. We practice hard and we leave it all to God,” expressed the up-and-coming Bidaure.