Climb you mountains this year


Friends, today is the first day and week  of the year. We don’t know what lies ahead. But one thing I know for sure — God wants you to climb your mountain.

He wants you to keep on growing, to be wiser, to be more loving, to be better, and to be even more blessed.

Let His face shine upon you today and every day — and face the world, confident that God is your rope. Hold on tight to Him; He’ll never let go of you. Bo Sanchez (

One day, I did something absolutely nuts. I went to the mountains of Sagada and went rock climbing.

My definition of rock climbing is being insane enough to suspend yourself 100 feet above the air with your fingernails hanging onto tiny cracks and indentions on the rock that ants can’t even crawl on — and you wonder why you even paid to do this lunacy.

But when I was up there, I felt no fear. None whatsoever. I wish I could say, “Because of Jesus.” But actually, I felt no fear because I had this thick rope tied around my torso. I knew that whatever happens, that rope would keep me safe.

Vanquish my fears, Lord, as I face the coming year. Let Your face shine upon me.

Let his face shine upon you. – Numbers 6:25