COA’s advise: buy new cars, junk the old ones


ON THIS ENVIRONMENT MONTH of June, we should hope that by now our people in Dumaguete if they really want an efficient and proper waste disposal system ,people must now start to segregate from source, meaning, they should start in their homes. How?

By segregating those that will decay or are bio degradable apart from those that will not decay. The former may be thrown into a backyard pit so that the amount of garbage will not exceed its limit in the dumping area. If people don’t segregate, the dumping site will still continue to rise. Then there will be no end in our garbage disposal problem.

We suggest our barangay leaders go lakbay aral to Bayawan City and see what is already an established multi-awarded waste disposal complex. The outfit had lts multi-million waste disposal system. Thanks to vision of the late mayor Gerry Saraña, who held his fort and was victorious in really finishing the project waste disposal system and now, the people are so much benefitted because of the will power of its local leaders. Dumaguete is fast catching up, we hope this city will finally get there.

This is a challenge to all LGU mayors to initiate on their level, what are the requirements of a garbage waste disposal system.


While it is initially prudent to see that certain government agencies continue to “save” old equipment, by having them repaired instead of buying new ones, the Commission on Audit COA advised all government agencies to consider the buying of new equipment including vehicles, instead of insisting on repairing old equipment because it will turnout to be more expensive for the government and consequently the taxpayers.

Notice all over the country a pile of junked cars and equipment in government motor pools and even behind government offices including local government garages. It is now official that COA prefers government to buy new equipment instead of repairing old ones beause it will turn out to be eoncomical.

Firstly, old and frequently damaged vehicle take long to repair, spare parts are no longer available, the bidding takes longer,and more susceptible to corruption and substandard and non-matching parts replace the old ones. Therefore, it will turn out to be more expensive because more repairs will be forthcoming. Repairs are mostly band aid solutions. While brand new buys have warranties, trouble-free long periods, thus more efficient results.

PHIL HEALTH ISSUE of paying fake kidney dialysis patients even if they were already dead is a bad sign of poor and dishonest irresponsible management. People’s money are being paid here. But because of a system that lacks proper efficient monitoring, the machine continues to “efficiently run” when in fact, the beneficiqaries are already long dead. This goes to many other offices that also need similar proportionate monitoring.

The GSIS on the other hand, owes the PPA Phil. Ports Authority over P41Million in rentals from land rentals at the port area in Manila , owned by GSIS, but leased by PPA to pier stakeholders maybe thinking that the port authority owns the land. When confronted by GSIS ,it turned out that the PPA had been collecting rentals through the years, now running to millions of pesos when in fact, it should be the GSIS who is the owner who should be getting the rent.

The PPA should now reimburse the GSIS of the payment PPA Rerceived (hopefully in good faith ) in rental from stakeholders who are using the land for warehouses and pier facilities.

Sillimanian Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon is the lone ranger in fighting for the rule of law when the Comelec en banc wanted to close one eye and allow a disqualified Youth Duterte Party List representative to sit in Congress even if the nominee is over-age (34yrs) when the requirement is not above 30yrs old, plus, the late filing of substitution process (530pm) when the cut-off was before 5pm of May 12 Sunday contrary to the rule that such process is to be done on regulasr working days during office hours.

The issue is hot because the one involved is aDuterte follower and an ex-commission of youth before resigning to run in the may 13 elections.