Coincidences, synchronicities

Couple Ed and Diana Burton-Raschen


The uncanny coincidence. The unlikely conjunction of events. The startling serendipity. Who hasn’t had it happen in their life?

Synchronicity is an explanatory principle, The world famous psychologist Dr. Carl Jung, who created that word, explains it as “meaningful coincidences,”

Six years ago, a charm¬ing Rotarian from Nevada , USA visited Dumaguete City for her Rotary Club’s project with Rotary Club of Dumaguete — East. During her courtesy call to then Gov. George Arnaiz, the very ac¬tive Diana and husband Ed Burton-Raschen were invited to visit the NOPH Dialysis Center and as their tour guide, I included a short trip to the Talay Mental Rehabilitation Center in their itinerary.

Challenged by the conditions of this government run, Mental Health facility, Diana worked with the Rotary Clubs in her district and the Rotarians at the local Rotary Club of Dumaguete to support the meals, medicines and construction of toilet facilities.

Coincidentally, the preparation of donated meals was given to the Dumaguete Habitat for Humanity mothers as a livelihood project. While the Rotary meal support had stopped five years ago, the meals for the patients at the facility continues to this day, supported by the Philippine Task Force team of the First Presbyterian Church of Ann Arbor who are avid supporters of the Dumaguete Habitat for Humanity programs. Today, it is a full daily breakfast enjoyed by the patients and lovingly served by the Habitat mothers.

Today, Diana is the Administrative Officer of the Truckee Meadows Habitat for Humanity office in Sparks, Nevada . She is very impressed with the 840 Habitat homes under Dumaguete Habitat for Humanity that have served the housing needs of the less fortunate sector in the city.

Diana was introduced to Habitat for Humanity International because of the connection of her Rotary project to the Dumaguete Habitat program.  While she is a Rotarian on leave from her club, her husband is now the active Rotarian overseeing their club projects abroad. Ed is here in the Philippines to visit Butuan City where their Club in Nevada is starting a floating Medical program (a floating medical facility on the Agusan River ).

As RCD —East Past President Don Uypitching (Ed and Diana’s host) picked me up at my office to meet up with Ed and Diana, I have the déja vu feeling of six years ago when Don also picked me up to bring

Diana and Ed to the NOPH and Talay; this time though, it is with an exciting eagerness that I toured Diana and Ed, courtesy of Don Uypitching, the Dumaguete Habitat office and the different Habitat housing communities in the city. Both organizations, Rotary and Habitat, have made great impact into the lives of many in our city and I will always remember the uneventful beginnings of Diana’s first visit to Dumaguete that have turned around a lot of lives positively since then.

I firmly believe there are no coincidences; events are laid out in front of each one of us and when we choose to make a difference for others, the succeeding events will make synchronicity happen! Unrelated events will come full circle into a meaningful end. Only good can come out of the choices we make.