Collection basket


It was December 4, 1988. I had just surrendered my life to the Lord and I received what was called a baptism or renewal in the Holy Spirit. It was a life-changing experience!

I was deep in sin… and now He saved me.

My life was a rudder-less boat but He gave me direction.

I felt hopeless but my future was now full of hope.

I felt so high that I wanted to give God my all.

Then the collection basket came. I must admit I did resist the urge to give the highest bill in my wallet. At hindsight, it should have been an easy thing to do. After all, God just changed my life! But hey, I did it and I felt Him smile.

Our giving to God comes one collection basket at a time, one call to generosity at a time, one circumstance at a time…  so that one day, we can truly say by His grace: “I’ve given You all of me!”Ariel Driz (

“We have given up everything and followed you.” – Mark10:28

Reflection:  When was your last “collection basket”?

Lord Jesus, grant me the grace to give back to You at every moment so I may truly give You all of me!