Corruption promotes economic development

minority block
© REUTERS/Czar Dancel


Ironically, corruption promotes economic development.  Look at the proposed budget for the next year 2019. All representatives have the so-called insertions in the budget for his/her district.  Now that it is being exposed by Senator Panfilo Lacson, they have exposed several millions inserted in the budget bill forwarded to the Senate by the House of Representatives.

Hence, corruption promotes economic development because there will be more public works project.  Even the additional third service provider to the existing two companies of Globe and Smart which are charged for “DUOPOLY”, is being contested for alleged corruption.

Now, there is a winning third telephone service provider which is based in Davao. The losing bidders are complaining corruption and favoritism in the award.  Anyway, even with corruption in the bidding for a third service provider, there is now an improvement in the service of the two existing phone companies namely Smart and Globe.  One customer said there is stronger signal and more wider coverage because of the incoming competition.

But the fight against corruption will not succeed unless we start with cleaning the judiciary where definitely there is a lot of “hoodlums in robe.’  Corruption in the judiciary exists from the lower court to appellate and to the highest court of the land.  Even Senator Jingoy Estrada was acquitted from the pork barrel scam for lack of proof beyond reasonable doubt and only his co-accused are convicted.  Unless the judiciary is cleansed, corrupt officials will not be afraid because they have the money to influence judges.

Mr. President, start cleaning the judiciary and appoint only incorruptible judges. Only then can there be hope for our country.

Never give up hope for our country.  With the coming elections, vote into office only those candidates not tainted with corruption. It is easy to know a corrupt official or candidate.  They cannot help but have an ostentatious display of unexplained wealth.