Crazy laws


A law granting 105 days maternity leave with pay is not good for women of child bearing age because employers would hire men rather than women who are of child bearing age to lessen the economic burden of the employer.  Imagine if they will get pregnant every year.  Surprisingly, this is bad for women because they will be discriminated against.  This is the consequence of a bad law.

Another stupid bill is to revive Reserve Officers Training Course (ROTC).  This is the most stupid proposal because ROTC never served its purpose.            First, to require ROTC course for two years with training every Saturday was graft ridden.  Any graduate from ROTC, if sent to Sulu to fight, the Moro rebels would make them into mince meat.

Another reason is it cause great financial burden on the parents.  Just to buy those uniforms will entail a lot of burden.  Another stupid law is the “Bangsamoro Organic Law,” which does not consider the ethnic differences between the Tausugs of Sulu, the Maguindanaos of Cotabato and the Maranaw of Lanao.  The Tausog or Tao Sa Sulog feel that they are the superior warriors in Mindanao.  They were never conquered by the Spanish, and the Americans.  That is why the caliber 45 of the American army was invented to repel the Tausog warriors who can still kill the American Soldiers because their rifles do not have the knocking power to stop them from hitting the American soldiers with their Kampilan or big sword even if their body is pierced with bullets because they have tourniquets on their limbs and legs to prevent hemorrhage.  They are called juramentados because they are suicide killers, running amok and killing anybody that had the misfortune to be in crosshairsw with them.

That is why President Duterte has to meet with Nur Misuari who is the leader of the Tausug or the Joloanos.  The Tausugs look down on the Maranaw and Maguindanao as lower than them.  These are some of the problems of passing stupid laws.