Degamo exposes “plot” to kill

In a hastily called press conference, re-electionist Governor Roel Degamo claims that there is a plot against his life. However, he did not specify as to who are the plotters.

Degamo has beefed up his security in view of a perceived threat against his life after he was tagged as a support of the New People’s Army with the circulation of posters bearing his image with a certain Myles Albasin, who was captured after a firefight between the military and communist rebels in Mabinay.

In the poster, Degamo and Alabsin could be seen together while smiling, but Degamo disputed the assertion that he is supporting the NPA just by being seen with her, who is currently incarcerated in the provincial jail.

Degamo said that the photo was taken during a medical mission inside the Negros Oriental Detention and Rehabilitation Center.

He believes that this part of the effort not only to discredit him but to eventually eliminate him as part of the desperate move by his political opponents to win.

Considering that she is the rival of Governor Degamo, 1st District Board Member Jessica Villanueva strongly denied any link to the posters tagging Degamo as an NPA supporter.

Villanueva reportedly said that it is up to the governor to explain that he is not a supporter of the NPA so that the public can decide.

Degamo said that the provincial government under his leadership has been a strong supporter to the military by providing them rice subsidy, service vehicle to the military and wages for the members of the CAA amounting to P 8 million a year.

The incumbent governor appeals that his opponents commit to win the elections fair and square without resorting to black propaganda.