Degamo-Tata split; but Mercy backs Ikay?

Reelectionist Governor Roel Degamo has given up  the support of Bais City balik-Mayor Hector “Tata” Villanueva after the governor allegedly shifted to back the candidacy of incumbent Mayor Mercy Teves Goni. But Goni is reportedly backing up Ikay Villanueva, being relatives.

Why the sudden change of mind is yet to be explained by the capitol.

The reported announcement of the incumbent governor prompted Tata Villanueva to openly declare his break up with Degamo and transfer his support to Board Member Jessica Ikay Villanueva-, who is affiliated to him/ Tata Villanueva  by consanguinity.

Now if Degamo splits with Tata Villanueva, why could Degamo and Mayor Goni  not be together? BM Ikay Villanueva now claims that she has also  secured the support of Mayor Goni on account of their being relatives as well.

If true, this should concern the Degamo camp as Ikay Villanueva apparently locks in the support of the two protagonists in Bais City and possibly marginalizing Degamo.

But Degamo’s popularity with the masses continue to be his strength which catapulted him to the top provincial post in the last elections. Degamo said that the sheer number of mass voters cannot be offset by support of other individual officials.

Governor Degamo does not only rely on the number of mayors and vice-mayors on his side as he also long  cultivated strong relationship and network with barangay captains, kagawads and grassroots leaders in winning the gubernatorial races in 2013 and 2016.

Ikay Villanueva also claims she even  as a first-timer in the gubernatorial race, has apparently earned the support of mainly 1st District Cong. Josy Limkaichong, Bayawan City Mayor Pryde Henry Teves, La Libertad Mayor Emmanuel Iway, Bacong Vice-Mayor Lenin Alviola, Jimalalud Mayor Reynaldo Tuanda, Sibulan Vice-Mayor Marcela Grampon, Bindoy Mayor Valente Yap and Pamplona Vice-Mayor Gadoy Retes and  former Governor  George Arnaiz,who is seeking a party list post for Congress.