DepEd rejects palakasan hires

DEPED ACCEPTS 25K PUPILS SY 2019-2020—Approximately 26, 000 students are currently enrolled in the 18 elementary and 7 high schools under the City Schools Division of the Department of Education. In her recent State of the Division Address, City Schools Division Supt. Evangel Luminarias (2nd from right) assures the public that the faculty and staff of the 25 public schools in Dumaguete City are prepared to provide the best quality learning experience they could muster. Mayor Felipe Antonio B. Remollo (center) promises a bigger budget for the public schools next year to improve their facilities and assist the athletes. Also in photo are Deped Supervisor Jose Miraflor, OIC-ASDS Christine Paquibot and Dr. Juditha O. Mapue.

The Dept. of Education has allyed fears that there is palakasan in the appointment of teachers by ranking system. This followed complaints of such alleged irregularities going on in whispers.

This developed as some 25,000 elementary and high school students in public schools in this university town went back to school last Monday. Private schools open in August.

Dumaguete’s student-packed population is 300,000 by day and 131,000 warm bodies by night since most transients go back home in the towns and cities after sundown.

Deped city and provincial divisions are up for reshuffling as part of their non-familiarization mission to infuse quality education. Yet, the iron is, when job-hiring comes, only a few hundreds qualify for thousands of vacant positions for available jobs.

Which brings to light the issue of REAL quality education and the glaring mis-match between courses offered and jobs available for graduates.


As soon as applicant submitted himself or herself for ranking, he or she is definitely included in the process,” says Department of Education (DepEd) Region 7 assistant regional director Dr. Salustiano Jimenez.

But publication or posting of their names will depend on how much points they have earned and gathered, he added.

Dr. Jimenez issued the clarification following complaints of Teacher 1 applicants that they were being overtaken by those who submitted late.

He stressed applicants with at least 70 points assures themselves of teaching positions in both elementary and secondary levels including senior high but 69 points down don’t have.


The DepEd hiring guidelines for school year 2019-2020 provides for an evaluation and selection procedure and criteria, foremost of which is an applicants academic achievement. Thus, all subjects with correspodiing units must be included in the computation which is 20 percent, another 15% coming from the results of the LET/PBET rating, teaching experience 15 percent, 15 percent from demonstration teaching, 15 percent communication skills and 10 percent each from specialized training skills and interview or a total of 100 percent.

The DepEd ARD said this information can be explained to applicants who want to be clarified about his or her status at any division of schools all over Region 7 or throughout the country for that matter.


Graduating with honors or with good grades as well as good in English has corresponding points. Teaching experience in early childhood, pre-school, elementary, secondary, tertiary, higher education, special education, alterantive learning system, technical vocational and training, learning institutions offering culture,-based education programs or indigenous peoples, even prior to the passing of LET, shall be given 1.50 points for every school year but shall not exceed 12 points including the number of months being served.jrg