Deputy PNP chief killed in Guihulngan city

Where is Duterte’s promise of ending violence in Guihulngan?  The local peace keeping forces obviously has not been able to cope with the situation.

Contributed photo/Guihulngan PNP

Violence in Guihulngan City continues unabated amid the Christmas season, this time claiming the life of the Deputy Chief for operations of the City Police Station.

Police Senior Inspector Porferio Gabuya was repeatedly shot by two unidentified motorcycle-riding suspects while having coffee inside San Vicente Enterprises in Barangay Poblacion, Wednesday morning.

Police has not yet released who claimed responsibility over the latest murder. But nothing seems to have changed. It continues to be a clash between the law enforcers and the communist rebels.  Obviously the police is not on top of the stiutation having not stopped the killings and vendettas in Guihulngan thereabouts.

With the latest killings, calls are being made for the deployment of the Philippine Army Special Action Forces SAF especially if the local police appears to lose control of the peace and order situation in this northern city OF Guihulngan.

The police officer GAbuya  was rushed to the Guihulngan District Hospital but was declared Dead on Arrival by attending physicians.

Gabuya, was the latest high ranking police officer killed after the ambush slay of Guihulngan City police Chief Superintendent Arnel Arpon and his four colleagues on July 21, 2017 while responding to the call of Councilor Edison Dela Rita, who was himself brutally killed on April 2, 2018.The slain police official was previously assigned in Cebu prior to his transfer in Guihulngan City and was active in anti-drugs operations.