Diocese seeks truth, & impartial probe

The victory of the Resurrection is not complete without the revelation of the Truth and Justice given to the families of 14 farmers killed in Canlaon (8), Manjuyod (4) and Sta Catalina (2)  last March 30, said Bishop Julito Cortes, of the diocese of Dumaguete.

In his statement denouncing what he called the “culture of violence and death,” he said that the entire populace grieves of the families of the victims and they deserve to know the truth.

Bishop Cortes called for an impartial investigation on the killings which until now remain in conflicting versions.

The police say that the victims fought back so there was a shootout killing all the l4 but no police was wounded. The families say the victims were without arms how can they fight back?  But police claim they recovered firearms from the victim’s houses.

Bishop Cortes asked:  what then is the truth?  Only an impartial investigation can give the answer.

Bishop Cortes issued this statement hoping that after the lull, there will be no whitewash and the cases are forgotten without final resolve.