“Dr. Avelex Amor”

Dr. Avelex Amor

AVELEX AMOR, 43 years old, was killed for exposing corruption in the Canlaon City District Hospital. Now is the chance for the NPA to prove their worth to kill those responsible for the death of Dr. Avelex Amor. The Philippine National Police, the NBI and all government forces should join forces to give justice to Dr. Avelex Amor.

According to some members of the Canlaon District Hospital staff, Dr. Amor was killed because of his advocacy to curb corruption within the district hospital. Amor was designated by Governor Degamo as Chief of Canlaon City District Hospital last July only to be replaced by one Dr. Juplo and Dr. Dingal in just two months. Dr. Amor was loved by both hospital staff and indigent patients. It has come to light that he either used his own money or raised funds through loans to buy medicine for poor patients in Canlaon. He preferred to be working among poor people in the mountains.

One of the first things Dr. Avelex Amor did when he assumed office was to require all transactions in the hospital, especially in the evening when there is no cashier on duty, to be recorded in a logbook. The policy resulted in an increase in the hospital income by P40,000.00 in just two weeks. After a six-day stint as chief of hospital, Dr. Amor was replaced by a subordinate, Dr. Florencio Juplo II.

NBI independent probers are zeroing in on those who disliked Amor’s advocacy of fighting corruption in using government hospital funds. Crime probers are looking at certain nurses allegedly linked in the fund mess and possible involvement of certain police officers. Amor was said to have refused to certify the daily time records of those staff who collected salaries even if they were absent. The income of Emergency Room funds from P15,0000.00 a month before his  assumption increased to P77,000.00 a month when Dr. Amor became chief of the hospital. But he was reportedly relieved by his boss. He was set to report before a grievance committee about certain hospital malpractices like using cheap and low quality medicine prompting him to buy better medication from his personal funds.

Why must Dr. Avelex Amor be killed for exposing corruption. Why was he replaced for exposing corruption by his boss? “VENGEANCE IS MINE, SAYS THE LORD”. “WHEN WILL WE EVER LEARN, WHEN WILL WE EVER LEARN?”