Drug-recycling also done here?

If drugs are not repacked in jail, why did the SWAT discover these drug paraphernelia inside our city jail? Are they in the business of plastics like yanyan, or something else?

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine National Police (PNP) has affirmed that drug recycling has been happening and was being committed by some erring cops but quickly clarified it is “not a widespread thing” in the law enforcement institution.

But consider this:  a recent near-riot at the city jail of Dumaguete  started when an alleged live-in partner of a “hari hari” among inmates was arrested for illegal drugs in a buy bust operation. The inmate went wild and gathered “his followers” inside which resulted in a drug raid for possible illegal rugs inside the city jail.

Findings negative: but, the big but is that so many drug paraphernalia were recovered including empty sachets which are used for drugs distribution.

Question: are the inmates inside in the  business of plastics, or drugs? Any moron can guess what is the business inside. Or are they in the business of selling tawas, or shabu for outside distribution?

Just ask: if there is smoke, what do you expect? A coke, or a fire? What would drug paraphernalia be doing inside a city jail?

PNP spokesman Brig. Gen. Bernard Banac also stressed that “majority” of anti-drug police officers are “professional and disciplined,” and that drug recycling was “not really” a practice among cops involved in anti-drug operations.

Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Director General Aaron Aquino admitted before senators at a hearing earlier Monday that “there’s still recycling of drugs” and it remains “rampant.”

Drug recycling refers to the re-sale of illegal drugs confiscated from buy-bust operations. The recycled drugs are also allegedly being planted by law enforcers in future drug stings to serve as “evidence.”

In a text message, Banac said, “The PNP agrees with the findings of PDEA that some corrupt PNP personnel are still able to find ways to engage in nefarious and illegal acts.” But he also said: “That is the reason why PNP’s campaign on internal cleansing remains relentless and we will not stop until all rogue cops are weeded out and charged in court.”

“Majority, if not all anti-drug cops, remain professional and disciplined. This illegal act is not a widespread thing but just committed by some few rotten, rogue, misfit cops who have no place in the PNP,” he likewise maintained.

Banac noted the recent arrest of some police officers who were found either using or selling illegal drugs. He then urged the public “to report any wrongdoing of our cops.” Cathrine Gonzales, INQUIRER.net/kga