Dumaguete at 70: ‘Da best is yet to come!

Dumaguete’s new hometown queen - Silver Bomediano (center) First Runner-up - Debbie Ann Monda, Second Runner-up Mikaela Angelique Zayco, Third Runner-up Joan Elegado, Fourth Runner-up Ella Mae Francisco

Today, Dumaguete marks the 70th year of its cityhood with Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo at the helm. As the City turns 70, it continues to exude optimism that the best is yet to come for the place and its people.

This is reflective of the unity among the city’s current leaders Mayor Remollo, Cong. Manuel Sagarbarria, and their allies. Together, they endeavor to build a livable city, responsibly urbanized, with adequate food and decent housing, governed by ethical officials, whose residents are devoted to God and country.

For its platinum charter anniversary, the city government adopted the theme: Together, we can do more!

Seventy years since the Philippine Congress granted it cityhood status, Dumaguete City has steadily grown into a thriving center for education, trade, commerce and sports tourism in this part of the country.

Not a small feat for one of the smallest cities in the country both in terms of land and population.

Geographically, the city is situated at the center of the country and has the natural potential as the main and cheaper transit point for people, goods and services across the country.

Dumaguete’s strength lies in the character of its inhabitants who are not afraid to embrace other cultures and peoples despite the violent past when many of their forebears were snatched and enslaved by the Moro pirates from the South.

Every year, thousands graduate from our prestigious universities and colleges who are promptly absorbed in the varied industries and professions both here and overseas. This is a testament to our quality and affordable education.

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Our noble and outstanding leaders, from past to present, invested in our infrastructure and facilities while cultivating relationships with the neighboring towns with larger tracts of land for agricultural products to feed its growing population and even as a reliable source of geothermal power.

In just 27 months since he assumed office, Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo and his administration won accolades in Central Visayas and the country that make us proud and optimistic of our future.

Dumaguete City was named 2018’s Best Place to Retire in the Philippines by the Philippine Retirement Authority in recognition to the positive and high ratings given by foreign retirees and tourists based on the United Nations and the World Health Organization standards.

Dumaguete City provides retirees and tourists with adequate and cheap food; modern and affordable medical facilities and services; secure housing; plenty of leisure and entertainment venues and choices; integration are easy for both LGBT and persons with disabilities; foreigners enjoy tax exemptions for pensions; communication and internet is fast and inexpensive. Overall public infrastructure is deemed adequate based on Western standards while the cost of transportation remains cheap. It concluded that the city is relatively safe place and security is visible almost anywhere and drivers are generally law abiding and courteous and serious accidents are rare.

It was also cited by the Department of Trade and Industry as the 2nd Most Efficient Government in the country among all component cities having excelled in creating business friendly environment by cutting red tape and corrupt free transactions.

The city government will approve the biggest annual budget of its history at P 790 million, nearly half of that budget shall be taken from local taxes and revenues.

The city’s Public Employment Service Office has been adjudged as the region’s best for being instrumental in the hiring of 10, 823 job applicants from July 2017 to June 2018 alone.

Certainly, on its 70th year as a charter city, a united Dumaguete, like a true platinum, is precious, strong, enduring and does not tarnish.

The city has ably demonstrated its potentials to soar to greater heights because of the greatness of its people and the abundance of its resources.