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Dumaguete killings soon elevated as “yellow” category

Board Member Michael Dungog (PCL President)
Board Member Michael Dungog (PCL President)

Board Member Michael  Dungog’s broad afternoon murder has elevated Dumaguete into YELLOW category in the election watch list.

The Police Regional Office in Central Visayas (PRO-7) based in Cebu City,  is likely  to place Dumaguete City under the “YELLOW category” under  the election watchlist areas if the recent killing of an ex officio  board member is proven or indicated  to be election-related.

This was learned from  Police Col.  Debold Sinas, director of PRO – 7,who continues to have a joint investigation saying  several angles are considered since the victim Miguel Dungog, who represents the councilors league in the provincial board as ex officio member, is also  a former NBI agent head, and could have past  situations as a law enforcer,  that might motivate a  possible vendetta .

Another angle considered by police probers is his close ties with the governor especially on confidential security  planning operations  which might have leaked to his perpetrators.  There is also the insurgency angle.

As of last report probers continue to pile evidence of the jigsaw puzzle into pieces in various possible scenarios to come up with a theory of the crime, and profile of his perpetrators. Political? Or duty-related or personal vendetta?  Police cannot yet make an official statement as of deadline Thursday.


A watchlist  color-coding system of the police has been implemented by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to classify the degree of election-related concerns in towns, cities, and provinces all over the country.

Those under the green category are areas with no cause for concerns; yellow for those with a history of election-related violence; and orange for those with the presence of armed and rebel groups. When all these elements are present in a certain area, then authorities usually place them under the red category, which is also known as a  “critical area.”

Police Col.  Debold Sinas, director of PRO – 7, said an investigation is now being conducted to solve the murder of Miguel Dungog, who was shot dead by still unidentified assailants in Barangay Daro, Dumaguete City on Monday past 3 oclock in the afternoon, March 25, 2019.



Dungog parked his car along Route 7 fronting the Silliman ROTC headquarters. He walked his way to the Silliman Medical Center where his daughter and wife waited for medical checkups for the  immunization of their kid.

He just came from the provincial board session and excused himself for the hospital appointment.  When he reached the crossing of Aldecoa drive SU powerhouse and Route 7 it was when the gunman (in bonnet) riding in tandem, approached and shot him with a single 45 caliber bullet which hit his cheek while Dungog was talking on the cellphone.

The triggerman allegedly called his name before taking the shot. An act of some professional said police chief P/Col Gregorio  Galsim.

Some commented the murder was executed at time precise  time when the governor was officiating the burial of his mother at the family mosoleum in Sawang, Bonawon,Siaton . Some commented “like a godfather-style execution.” Police questioned a witness who was in the house or shack l j in front of the crime scene.

Police Col.  Debold Sinas, director of PRO – 7, said “Under investigation na to siya and we will find out if election-related. If not election-related, then we will not up to the category of Dumaguete City,” Sinas told reporters in a press interview on Tuesday afternoon, March 26, 2019.

“As of now, we’re still waiting for the investigation. If it is election-related then we will up the category of this area,” he added.

Sinas said Dumaguete City is currently under green category.

A news report published by the state-run Philippine News Agency (PNA) stated that Dungog is an ex-officio member of the Provincial Board (PB) of Negros Oriental as president of the Philippine Councilors League – Negros Oriental Chapter. He is a former NBI head agent here, currently a board member of the province, who is seeking election as BM in the May 13 elections.

The victim is also seeking a position as a member of the provinicial board  PB from the province’s 1st District.

It added that authorities in Dumaguete City are eyeing politics as one of the possible motives behind his murder. /bmjo