Dutch arrested with hundreds of ammos

A Dutch national was arrested, Tuesday, with more than 300 live bullets of different caliber in Bais City. Armed with a search warrant, police officers took custody of the suspect Carolus Andrianus Henricus De Leeuw, 54 for illegally possessing guns and a large cache of ammunition.

Among the items seized by the authorities were: one (1) unit   Norinco Caliber .45 pistol with SN: BA 29053-10-246; one (1) unit Taurus caliber 380 pistol with SN 14663B; 2 standard magazines for caliber .45 pistol, all fully loaded with live ammos; 1 standard magazine for caliber 380 pistol; 81 rounds of ammos for caliber .45 pistol; 102. rounds of ammos for caliber 380 pistol; 20 rounds of ammos for 9mm pistol; 45 pieces of empty shells for caliber .45 pistol; 150 pieces of empty shells for caliber 380 pistol and 50 pieces empty shells for caliber 9mm pistol.

Also recovered were 4 expired firearms license card under the name of Amelia Lourdes U Mendoza and 2 expired PTFOR under the name of Amelia Lourdes U Mendoza.

Meanwhile, two persons were arrested for rebellion in Barangay Talalak Siaton by the Philippine Army and the Philippine National Police through the warrant of arrest issued by Judge Marie Rose Inocando-Paras.

The two suspects identified as Lenie A Ragay and Luis D. Ragay, both farmers, are now held at the Santa Catalina Police Station and were offered P 200, 000 as bail bond for their temporary liberty.