Energize yourself


Here we are almost to the end of February.  My, how time seems to fly!  And somewhere along the way my energy level has sunk into the busyness of everyday life.  I began the year as I am sure that many of you did, too, with a lot of ideas, lists of things to do and places to see.  And here I am feeling a bit blah instead of being excited about the upcoming months ahead.

The past few days I have begun rereading my clippings notebook for ideas.  One article published several years ago in one of the news magazines featured some ways to “energize”.  Here are a few that I vow to try out soonest, if I haven’t done so already.  Perhaps they’ll help you energize, too.

Have an attitude of gratitude.  You can never have enough gratitude since it only attracts more things to be thankful for.  I used to list down three to five things each day to thank the Lord for … I wonder why I stopped doing this?  It’s a wonderful way to begin your day, or to end your day.

Exercise daily.  Since lifting and stretching is not good for my back issues, I now am walking 20 to 30 minutes a day.  Early in the morning before others begin populating the streets is a great time to energize with fresh air and the morning dawning sun.  Or, in the late afternoon when it begins to cool off and the evening breeze soothes some of the stresses of the day.  Deep breathing clears away the cobwebs and encourages clearing thinking.

Talk a walk in nature.  Last week I discussed that nature can cure. Stress hormones are reduced, general health is improved even with a short daily walk on the beach or under the trees.  I have found that a change of scenery from inside the home to outside under our mango tree for 15 to 20 minutes a day quiets my mind and renews my zest for life.

Draw encouragement and inspiration from other people.  Haven’t  you experienced that when some people approach you, their aura of positive energy improves your mood and you are so glad to see them?  Versus others that seem to radiate negative vibes…  What I’m trying to say here is that each one of us should try to be the energizer for other people.  The result?  Many friends, many invites to coffee, lunch, parties, etc.  Be the reason someone smiles today!

Sometimes all I need is a bit of silence to bring up my energy level.  Our world nowadays is a noisy place.  Traffic, motorcycles, people passing by talking loudly, TV and radio blaring, cellphone, computer, iPad, and many other noises especially for those of us who have many activities and live in or near populated areas.  Having a moment of silence is often what I need so that I can hear myself think.  Even medical  journals have articles discussing the amazing regenerative effects of silence for the mind, soul and body.  Try it.  Enjoy a few moments to think about your life and ideas without the background noise of distraction.

Set aside time for prayer.  This is the BEST way to energize, breathing in energy from our Lord.