Factors that make one get sick easily


Psychoanalysts and modern-day thinkers say the mind, body and spirit are inseparable. Remember that believing is becoming – that thought has the power to manifest in the physical realm.

Let us enumerate the checklist for self-destruction. They make people very sick and die early.

  • Brood – Allow your worst fears, past or present to control you. Spend hours thinking about all your emotional pain, disappointments, harassments and failures until you are overcome completely.
  • Wallow in self-pity. You are the victim. Blame everything and everyone else but yourself for your misery.
  • Take a sleeping pill. Make it a regular habit until you become addicted to it.
  • Allow the forces in your life to control you. You simply let others dictate to you how you should live your life.
  • Give in to your addictions and cravings. Don’t do anything in moderation. Let drugs, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, junk foods and fatty substances rule your life.
  • Make time your enemy. Stay out every night. Give yourself only three hours of sleep daily. Work holism, all night partying, all day shopping are all your feel-good therapies.
  • Do not exercise. Do not lift a finger and engage in any form of activity. Do not go to the gym or walk in your neighborhood. Do not read any book or meditate and pray for your spiritual life.
  • Let nothing amuse you and never laugh at a joke or funny stories. Snap at anyone within striking distance. Take your frustration out on your family, co-workers and household help or anyone.
  • Inflate your smallest difficulty and turn it into a crisis. Magnify your issues and hold everyone hostage to your fears. Announce to the world that you are sick and use it as an excuse to withdraw your life.
  • Do not give thanks. Thanksgiving is alien to you. All the goodness and blessings that you received should not be given any value. You believe that it is God’s obligation to you and you are entitled to whatever you get.
  • Do not love. You hang a “do not enter” sign on the door of your heart. Pretend to the rest of the world that you can live without it.

Obviously, do completely the opposite of everything in the checklist! You become the healthiest and happiest person in the world!