What is the fastest supercomputer in the world?

Sunway Taihulight in China

As the world’s fastest supercomputer with a processing speed exceeding one hundred petaflops per second, the Sunway Taihulight has a peek processing speed of one hundred twenty (120) petaflops per second while averaging at ninety three (93). Its calculation capacity in one (1) minute equals thirty two (32) years of calculations by the world’s seven billion people using calculators.

The supercomputer is using using domestic chip technology Sunway 26016. Its calculation capacity equals to twenty personal computers and the Sunway Taihulight supercomputer consists of over forty thousand Sunway 26010 processors.

The Sunway Taihulight was conceived at the National Supercomputer Center in a province in southeastern China. The breakthrough is in the processor that it combines the control unit with the calculation unit.

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