Fictitious loans… and mandatory ROTC


WHILE strolling  at the scenic Dumaguete boulevard one evening we saw a stocky male senior citizen gazing at the horizon as if recalling good or maybe sad memories of his life. When we approached him, he turned out to be a retiree from one of the city government departments.

Although he was smiling , but as if in deep amusement of his past retirement , he relayed to us the sad part. He said, he worked as a city government casual all his life for 21 years. When he retired, at 60 instead of receiving P500,000 he only got over P200,000 or almost P300,000 short of what he was expectantly computing.

The  retirement plans of this poor government casual were shattered.  Why?  Because To his dismay, he had huge deductions form UNPAID GSIS loans and another UNPAID loan which turned out to be his bonus in his last two Christmases with the government.

First he was surprised why his GSIS LOAN remained unpaid for years since he was persistently, and consistently , and regularly  deducted every pay day for that loan.

Second, why his bonus of about 20,000 ended up as a loan which he was also being deducted upon,  every single pay day. 

It is true that most government employees , casuals or regulars, even officials , notice big deductions from their paychecks but do not bother to check why and for what.

Multiply these with over a thousand or more  casuals, job orders and regulars,  who might be victims, you have a multi million peso robbery inside this government office every single pay day.

This can happen anywhere.  we are not saying that this is , this was or  has been happening. What we are urging are those poor government casuals and job orders and even regular employees,  who are regularly deducted pay money  every pay day, without knowing for what it was for..

If you are in doubt and a potential  victim, pls report to any radio station or any kbp member station  and we will help you out with the city mayor or governor,  whom we are sure will just  the too willing to catch the thief,  and help stop this anomaly if any.

We say this to all government employees, casuals or regualrs,  any where at city hall, the capitol or any LGU, CHECek if your salary deductions were indeed deducted from your loans.

You might retire one day only to know that half of it went to  dedications from  fictitious  unpaid loans . and it will then be too late to trace the paper trail.