Finally: 336 CCTV cameras arrive Dumaguete

SIMPLE TURNOVER RITES of 336 Camera and CCTV system at Command Center in City Hall. Security measures are being tightened. Costing taxpayers P7M monthly rental for 25 years with free technology upgrade from upplier PLDT and partner NET PACIFIC. (See guests list in story at right) Below are city officials at the turnover.

Hidden cameras? (secret)

Finally! After so much skepticism by critics, Dumaguete City will operate the first of its kind close circuit Television CCTV monitoring system all over the city, the first batch to be operational by August will be the downtown poblacion areas to be followed closely by its barangay operation.

This was confirmed by service provider PLDT and their partner Net Pacific and the City Government thru Mayor Felipe Remollo. In simple turnover rites at city hall’s Command Center conference room at the mayor’s office.

PLDT executives present were: Jimmy Chua, asst. vice president for Visayas and sales director based in Manila; Joseph de Guzman, head enterprise technical services; Cheryll Cortes, sales Manager of Net Pacific; Sarah Jane Martin, SME relationship manager Western Visayas, Harold Oclarit, enterprise tech services and Hazel Amoyan, Sales manager PLDT Cebu.

In a short press conference, the PLDT officials mainly disclosed:

1. The main server foto files may be used for court evidence in cases of crime; it can be copied from the main server, which can be easil compared with the originalto prove authenticity;

2. There will be cameras that will be installed in sensitive areas so as to prevent felons from locating it.

3. PLDT will be in 30 days replace defective cameras and equipment in an ordinary wear and tear use; and also if damaged by natural disasters.

4. Permanent technicians will be deployed so as to preserve the equipment care and durability;

5. PLDT will constantly visit and monitor the performance of the system;

6. The MOA is for lease for 25 years with PLDT maintaining and upgrading at no cost for the city the equipment which is advantageous to the city considering the fast evolution of technology;


Three hundred thirty six high end CCTVs have been delivered by PLDT and are now stored in the command center at the City hall. PLDT won the bid for the P 69.7 million contract for lease rental of CCTV for the next 8 years.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo met with PLDT officials led by Jimmy Chua Assistant Vice-President of PLDT Visayas, Thursday, with other key city officials.

The installation of the CCTVs will commence this month using state of the art fiber optic cables. Initial operations will start in August. By then, all CCTV cameras will be operational in the eight Poblacion barangays by July to be followed by the other 22 barangays.

There are nearly 100 CCTV cameras that are capable of panning, tilting and zooming on the certain objects or persons kilometers away.

The command center will be jointly staffed by the city government and PLDT 24/7 to ensure that the equipment will be in top shape. Per agreement with PLDT, the CCTVs will be upgraded based on the latest technology in the market.

Mayor Remollo said that the CCTV project will help the authorities prevent and solve crimes, monitor the traffic situation and serve as early warning during calamities.


Next project will be the installation of traffic lights system in major intersections and streets of the city that may utilize the existing fiber optic cables or any other proposal that will be advantageous to the local government.