WBA 147- Welterweight Crown

MGM Grand Opera in Las Vegas

14,000 people in Attendance

Manny Pacquiao                                         Adrien Broner———————————————————————————————-

Power Punches

Threw  197 Landed 82 or 42%               Threw  180 Landed 39 or 22%

Total Punches

Threw 558 Landed 112 or 20%             Threw 295 Landed 50 or 17%


IN DECEMBER 2018,  or one month before the fight, we already got notice  (by a tipster) to bet on Manny Pacquiao winning in a lopsided way versus challenger Adrien “The Trouble” Broner because this was one of the best ways to justify a megabucks return fight between Floyd “Money” Mayweather versus Senator Manny “Pacman, the Legacy”Pacquiao.

Floyd will be in for the money and Manny for the Legacy.

No, Manny will not be part of a boxing scam given his new religious upbringing. With a cold and a wounded right eye (from a stray lace of a glove)- Manny just did what he planned to do such that  he had everyone in awe- from Tyson, Foreman, Lennox Lewis to Marquez, Mosley, Vargas, and Garcia, that at age 40- Pacquiao still had hand speed, power and footwork.

So, this tipster on global boxing gambling says Broner will take “the fall” without allowing himself to be knocked out cold and lose face. Losing “decisively” was all Broner had to do.

Broner spiced up the drama by claiming he won the fight- which only his small family at ringside believed. The statistics above do not lie.  He was averaging only 8 landed punches a round and very few power punches.

If one had seen the fight between Broner and two-time division champion Jessie Vargas in April 2018, one would see an entertaining, competitive bout where Broner was throwing bombs left and right. It ended in a majority draw.

It was Vargas, in a post fight interview, who seemed to confirm the scam. Said he: I was surprised Broner was not throwing the same volume of punches as in our last bout (less than a year ago).

In the tape review, one can see Broner was only flicking his left job and generally held back his power right most of the night. Floyd Mayweather Sr., in a pre-fight interview gave away the script inadvertently: “ Manny will win the fight by decision. Adrien ain’t throwing punches” or words to that effect.

Floyd Jr. , who is motivated purely by money was not going to expose the game. He visited Pacman in his dressing room, watched the fight at ringside but remained stone-faced when asked if he will take Pacman’s challenge to come out of retirement and fight him In the ring.

One commentator tried to deflect Floyd’s real game plan by saying Floyd is making sure he is in charge of the narrative of the return fight and not let Pacman steal the limelight by  immediately reacting to his challenge after the fight.

No, do not get us wrong. We are not saying Pacman would have lost to Broner. All the tipster was telling us was Broner was going to “lose in a lopsided manner”. Could this be true?

The source of the info is a wheeler dealer who often goes to New York  and Manila to score deals. Reliable?

Leonard Ellerde, Mayweather Promotions CEO publicly said that Pacman has proven he is still the “elite” boxer, “The Guy” to feature to draw the biggest attraction among the welterweights including WBC Champion Terence Crawford who will meet Amir Khan in April 2019.

Given that and Floyd’s penchant to still make money even in his “retirement”- oddsmakers  are saying the Pacman-Floyd rematch is going to happen and will happen this year while Pacman is still “hot”.

Floyd’s adoration for the Almighty Dollar is  shown in his two recent  nonsensical fights with a mixed martial arts man and a lowly Japanese kick boxer. Last month in 3 minutes of work-out-Floyd knocked out the puny Japanese and earned  him a cool US$9-Million. No sweat.

Remember the Pacman-Floyd first match generated US$600-M, the richest in all of boxing history, even deflated for inflation. So, in this sense, the tipster seems to make sense.

For sure, under the set-up scam, Broner is supposed to make more than his announced purse of US$2-M and audience income share. Anyhow, he can be argued into agreeing that at 29, he still has a long way to go in boxing long after Manny and Floyd had hung up their gloves for good. He is the future welterweight king if he goes past Terence Crawford, that is.

The point is if Broner had given Manny a toe-to-toe fight with a questionable results (going either way), no Pacman -Floyd Rematch would make sense. Afterall, the cocky Broner has often been named as “the Poor Man’s Floyd” for copying the latter’s defensive style of boxing So, after almost being knocked down in the 7th and 9th rounds,Broner rides his bicycle and was running in the 11th and 12th rounds. Why, indeed?

So, does that story make sense? If one believes in it, then bet your savings the Pacman-Floyd Rematch of the Century will happen this year. How interesting.

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