Fr. Pablo Vicente, OAR


The parish of Amlan was among the four parishes when the spiritual administration of Negros Island was entrusted to the Augustinian Recollects on 30 June 1848.

Fr. Ramón Cabas held the distinction to be its first Augustinian Recollect missionary who came to Amlan on 24 August 1848.

Before the parish was ceded to the Filipino secular clergy in 1914, Fr. Pablo Vicente was one of the last three Recollect priests to serve the coastal community.

The information below is in part culled from Francisco SADABA, Catálogo de los religiosos agustinos recoletos…, Madrid, 1906.

Born on 30 June 1853 in Alfaro (Logroño), Spain, Fr. Pablo Vicente made his perpetual vows on 12 October 1871.

Ordained a priest in Manila, he was made parish priest of Cabancalan in Western Negros in 1880-1885. Later assigned to Saravia, he subsequently administered the parish of Cauayan until 1898.

He was a member of the conventual community in Manila until 1901 when he moved to San Sebastian Church until 1904. That same year, Fr. Pablo Vicente was sent to Bacolod as associate pastor. The following year in May 1905, he began to administer the parish of Amlan in Negros Oriental.

His first baptism was on 3 June 1905. For that year, Fr. Pablo Vicente administered 194 baptisms in all; in 1906, 270; in 1907, 407; in 1908, 371; in 1909, 364; in 1910, 326; in 1911, 360; and in 1912, 59.

In that year of arrival in 1905, he officiated 8 weddings; in 1906, 40; in 1907, 74; in 1908, 53; in 1909, 47; in 1910, 77; in 1911, 59; and 1912, 12.

Before Fr. Pablo Vicente could reach the age of fifty-nine in the very parish of Amlan, he died on 14 March 1912 having received the sacraments.