I studied historical events and current events especially different wars and conflicts, and I have come to the eventual conclusion that all are caused by man’s fight for freedom. Man is created by God to be free. All men are created equal. No man is above the law, but history has shown man’s inhumanity to man. Stronger men have tried to impose their will on others. Among the animal species, only man goes to war. The purpose of going to war is greed. It used to be that great men used to conquer whatever country there is to be conquered for greed. All spoils will go to the victor. The sum total of riches and wealth will belong to the conqueror including men, women, and children who will be enslaved. But later on, the slaves will revolt because man is created to be free. “Give me liberty or give me death” — this continues to be the battle cry of the subjugated. But in the final analysis, it is a battle for dominance because of the reign of greed.