Good Vision: See the difference


I am delighted and very thankful, for the opportunity to share my experience and expertise as an Optometrist. Good vision is a very important part of the general well-being of people. Optometrists are health care professionals who have the education, certification and ongoing training to help people care for their eyes. We can detect vision abnormalities, prescribe corrective measures and can refer those afflicted with eye diseases to other vision care professionals for proper attention.

According to RA 8050 Sec 3 (b), an Optometrist is a person who has been certified by the Board of Optometry and registered with the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) as being qualified to practice optometry in the Philippines. Optometry is a combination of science and art because we are trained to examine the human eye, analyze ocular function, prescribe and dispense eyeglasses with ophthalmic lenses, prisms, contact lenses, low vision aids, conducting ocular exercises, vision training, orthoptics, installing prosthetics and other preventive or corrective measures for the aid, correction, rehabilitation or relief of the human eye to attain maximum vision and comfort. [RA 8050 sec 3 (a)] As an Optometrist, it is our responsibility to safeguard and enhance the health and general physical well-being of the citizenry, deliver the best eye care service, explain its condition in an understandable manner and prescribe necessary aid according to their symptoms.

One of the mission of the Optometric Association of the Philippines is to provide the highest quality eye and vision care to our constituents while conducting our practices in accordance with the highest standard of ethics. As an advocate to good, clear and functional vision, I recommend everyone to have your eyes comprehensively checked regularly so that you will know the condition of your eyes as this is your right to sight. Visit your Optometrist and request for it.