Grab-Trike finally testing city roads

Several private citizens and tricycle drivers have expressed interest into owning Grab Trike units that is powered by diesel, which could prove to be economical compared to the traditional tricycles or pedicabs now operating in the city.

No sir, old tricycles will not be phased out.

Instead, the public will be made to choose which one they will patronize:  the new, safer, more effi-cient Grab-trike which will pick you up in your homes, or the old one where you will exhaustively wait for kingdom come for the cranky one to pass by, and still not sure of allowing you a ride.

To allay fears of phase out, it is proposed that all tricycle/pedicab franchise can be exchanged with the modern and much acceptable unit of Grab Trike because that is the preference of a growing city.

However, if the old, traditional and cranky unit wants to remain an option: go ahead says the city.

Recently, officers and representatives of various tricycle associations in Dumaguete City participated in the continuing consultation on the features, scheme of acquisition and other concerns on the possible adoption of Grab Trike Premium here.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo and several City Councilors joined the consultation to field questions to the proponent Miguelito Jose, Senior Vice-President of Autoitalia Philippines Enterprises supplier of the Piaggio tricycle that will be utilized for Grab Trike premium.

Tricycle drivers and other stakeholders later tested some of the Grab Trike Units.

The minimum operation of 100 units for the Grab Trike Premium will be used to test whether the system works well and if viable to operate in Dumaguete City. Meanwhile, it is clarified that the tricycles already operating in the city will not be phased out. Instead, pedicab drivers or operators can convert their franchises to Grab Trike thus there will be no significant increase in the number or tricycle units in the city streets.

Jose stressed that his company offers a complete 3-wheel vehicle package inclusive of smart phones from Cherry Mobile that contains the Grab Trike Premium application.

Adopting the Grab Trike Premium system using Piaggio Ape tricycle units in the city affords the following benefits and advantages: less pollution, less tricycles on standby or roving, more livelihood opportunities by generating more income to more drivers, environment friendly that complies with international regulations, cost efficient use of diesel fuel, improve short-distance commute, easy acquisition through piso down payment program, shortened working hours with better income and more quality time with family, earn extra income by lending the unit to other drivers through shifting, reverse gear is a standard feature, fully-protected during rainy and summer seasons without the need to wear jackets and arm sleeves, solution to overcharging of fares, no need to wait for long queues at the terminal or be a chance passenger, grab application gives you precise information while waiting and travel time.